Abeer Mobile Application

Abeer Medical Group – Top-Tier Medical Group in Middle East region with state-of-the-art medical center facilities spread across Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, UAE and Qatar

Abeer Medical Group is one of the foremost hospitals with best-in-class infrastructure and amenities in Middle East. The Guinness World Record Holder, Abeer is currently running 50+ healthcare facilities in the GCC countries and India which include top-notch medical centers, hospitals, pharmacies & optical centers catering to the healthcare needs of more than 4 million people every year. Abeer has now introduced a user-friendly mobile application which is available for download in both iOS and Android platforms. The application is designed to cater varying healthcare needs of a user within their fingertips such as booking a doctor appointment, viewing the available doctors, specialties available within the hospital and results etc. Abeer mobile application brings you the advanced mobile patient care tools to enhance quality treatment and streamline workloads. Healthcare providers can greatly benefit from this mobile app because it can efficiently increase patient interaction and business value.

Abeer mobile application offers numerous benefits for the user such as;

  • Scheduling confirmed appointments with online payment facility
  • Proactive response to patient appointments and follow-ups
  • Identification of nearest hospital location services powered by Google maps
  • Interactive route map to assist Patients to reach to nearest or chosen hospital
  • Call facility for the app user to contact hospital
  • E-Mail facility to send or clarify details of hospitals and its services
  • Improved access to doctors & specialists
  • Easily accessible medical reports
  • Facility to record medicine and its tracking
  • Healthcare Best Practices and Latest on Healthcare tips on the go
  • Digital maintenance of records of patient records, doctors’ availability etc

Abeer mobile app ensures patients stick to a healthy, physician-recommended diet, continuing exercise routines, and adheres to medication schedule along with follow-up appointments. Healthcare providers can keep track of patient’s health records update care plans and maintain peer-to-peer communication and collaboration with them.